Sector Analysis Project

Works Description

Preparing a “Strategic Research and Application Plan”  in parallel with the potential developments of the sector,  to reduce the external dependency, while improving the competitive structures, to identify the actions that lead to a higher share in the world trade,  reviewing the conditions in which  formation of sector  platforms (networks and clusters) take place.

Stages of work
–   Situation Analysis Report (partners, competitors, external and internal assessments)
–   Foresight (Mission Vision and Principles)
–   Strategic Targets
–   Action Plan

Scope of Work
–  Definition of the path between current situation (as is)  and targeted situation  (to be)
(In view of the competitive nature of the sectors, resources, strengths and advantages of existing competitors, and necessary change areas will be reviewed)
–  Sector’s goals and targets and methods enabling to reach such targets will be identified. (Required technologies, technological and administrative competences and the review of global methods as well as technological tendencies,  focusing on sector’s necessary competences will provide a reference point for sector’s situation analysis)
–  A long term future viewpoint will be defined ( this will be achieved by scenarios based on the sector’s foresight towards its long term future )

Technological Capability refers to an establishment’s activities or abilities of choosing, utilization and development of necessary technologies to create competitive and strategic advantages.

Use of technology (ability to produce)
Ability to use a given technology effectively

Choosing technology (ability to invest)
Ability to decide upon the most suitable alternatives provided by existing technologies;

Developing technology (ability to develop)
Ability to develop new technologies.

Work methods
Based on the main groups of the sector, weaknesses and strengths as well as opportunities and threats will be identified by the active participation of the members. Identification of the competencies will be performed by “face to face” sessions or in terms of prepared questionnaires, with the representatives of the main groups.  Project Executive Committee, in close cooperation with provided consultancy will be responsible for the execution of the project.  Activities involving Sectoral Foresight will also be carried out in a participative environment.